Lafarge Readymix & Aggregates

Lafarge Holcim

Lafarge published and awarded a tender to Nimbus Solutions at the end of 2012 for an electronic Proof of Delivery Solution. Deployment to 54 sites and 350 vehicles in the Readymix fleet commenced in February 2013 and was signed off at the beginning of May 2013.

The Lafarge Aggregates operation was deployed subsequently and a portion of the Cement delivery fleet, catering for both bag and bulk delivery.

The tender was very specifically limited to the creation of a real time electronic proof of delivery, which has been successfully deployed, with a 99.5% to 99.7% success rate. The shortfall is due to drivers not using the mobile terminals for a delivery and or other operational reasons.

The benefits found include the following:

  1. Close to 100% successful legally binding electronic proof of delivery, fully integrated in the existing backend systems.
  2. Fully integrated with batching and weighbridge solutions
  3. Enforcement of the workflow, not incomplete documentation
  4. Reduction in credit notes – estimated at 45%
  5. Reduction in customer queries and claims. Key customers view the deliveries on the web site, allowing for real time updates.
  6. Improvement in adherence to safety standards, including:
    • Driver's Licence validity
    • Vehicle Licence validity
    • Vehicle Condition
    • Check Lists
    • Personal protective equipment
    • Medical Certificates
    • Professional Driving Permit
    • Driving and rest hours
  7. Performance and resource utilisation improvement
    • Reduction in standing time in plant / quarry
    • Reduction in standing time at customer
    • Reduction in overtime
    • Delays – Alerts and notifications
  8. Diversions process allows for the delivery of loaded product to another site, thus reducing travel and product wastage
  9. Warrantee claims are mitigated in the event that water is added on discharge
  10. Disposal claims are levied in the event that product is left on board.
  11. Additional Considerations:
    • Drum rotation monitoring to prevent shrinkage
    • Customer surveys
    • Turn-by-turn navigation