Chase Software - Widget


Chase Software is a web-based Advertising Management System that was born out of the same day-to-day frustrations felt by many agency managers and employees alike. It currently offers clients a fully integrated, real­time system that manages their clients jobs, time, workflows, archiving and costing. The Chase Desktop Widget will allow users to fulfil some basic requirements without having to log into Chase.

Wyobi was approached to assist with the bespoke development of the Chase Desktop Widget due to the requirements being outside their development skillset.

The key Chase Desktop Widget requirements:

  • The Widget needed to run on all Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X operation systems.
  • The Widget should run unobtrusively in the background on the user’s computer, and performs tasks with minimal user interaction, and without the need to log into the full Chase application.
  • All User Activity data needed to be stored offline. Only to be classified and captured against a timesheet at a later time.
  • Automatic Document Management.
  • Background synchronisation of documents with Chase backend.